Computer Basics

Working With Files
What is a File
A file is a block or resource for storing or retrieving information. Back in the early days of computers a file was actually a real physical file known as a punch card. Now days most files are stored magnetically on disk drives. Files may also be stored on optical media and flash drives.

Renaming a File
Renaming a file is a fairly simple process in Windows; however, there are a number of ways you can go about it, along with some nifty tricks and even a few hiccups.
Renaming Multiple Files
The Windows operating system has nifty feature that allows a user to rename multiple files at the same time using a single base name and incrementing numbers.

Deleting Files
Deleting a file actually involves several steps and even after completing all the steps below the file will still not be removed from the hard drive!

Deleting Stubborn Files
Deleting files should be a simple process but unfortunately some files refuse to be deleted!
Selecting Files and Folders
Selecting files or folders is rather simple, just left click on a file or folder and it and little highlight will appear around the file or folder indicating that it is selected.
Fixing a Locked Up Program
I am sure at some point all of us have had a program lock up on us. Now there are a number of ways of “fixing” a locked up program, and by the way rebooting the computer is the last fix and generally should only be required if Windows is locked up.

Uninstalling a Program
How to uninstall a program and keep your computer clean of unnecessary programs.
Windows Desktop
Windows Desktop Overview
The Windows Desktop is probably one of the most important features of the Windows operating system.
Changing the Desktop Background
Changing the Windows Desktop background is essentially the same in all versions of Windows with a slight change in Windows Vista and Windows 7.