Saturday, October 6, 2012

Laptop Will Not Boot after Dying?

I have had several people with this problem in the past year – laptop suddenly dies (shuts off) and will not boot back up, even after plugging the laptop into AC power, it might not boot back up.  The cause of this problem in my experience has always been that the battery has been drained completely to 0!  Now, it is important to note here that you should NEVER drain your laptop battery all the way to 0.  The laptop should be configured by default so that it shuts off before reaching 0, usually when it reaches 5%, though sometimes this does not always work, as the computer may not be reading the battery level correctly.  Also you should receive a warning when the battery starts to get low, usually about 10%; when you receive this warning you should either plug the laptop in or shut it off!  Not following this can result in damager to your laptops as well as possible data corruption or operating system failure from data corruption.

Draining a battery down to 0, especially if it is a lithium battery, can cause the battery to drop below the charging threshold, at which point you will not be able to charge the battery and you will have to get a new battery.  I have had actually seen this happen, so trust me, when your laptop warns you that your battery is low you should plug it in, otherwise you might end paying a much greater price for a new battery or worse for data recovery.

The solution to this problem in all the cases I have had, has always been to remove the battery and plug the laptop into AC power and turn the laptop on.  All the computer to boot all the way up to the desktop and then put the battery back into the laptop.  Hopefully the laptop will recognize the battery and start charging it.  If it doesn’t try rebooting the computer, and a hint here, do not shutdown, restart!  Once the laptop starts to charge the battery leave the laptop plugged into until the battery is fully charged!  If you cannot get the battery to charge it is possible your battery is below the charging the threshold and you will never be able to charge the battery.

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