Sunday, June 17, 2012

QoS (quality of service) for Vonage or Magic Jack

First off, what is quality of service (usually seen as QoS)?  Quality of service is important for internet connected routers to prioritize data types.  For example downloading some files and make a VoIP phone call.  You would want the VoIP phone call (I would hope!) to have priority over your download, otherwise your phone call quality might be poor or possibly not work at all!  In order for this to happen you need to configure your router so that it will give VoIP call priority over all other activities.  QoS of service can also be used to prioritize other types of data as well, such as a movie download.

I have two setup scenarios for this post.  First a Vonage VoIP box that is connected to my Linksys Router, which is connected to the internet (I am not use the Vonage box a the main router though you can do that if desired, not recommended for heavy usage though!).  For help on connecting your main router and Vonage box together you can check out an earlier post:  And my second scenario is a Magic Jack Plus that is connected to port #2 on my router.

To get started, I am using a Linksys router, to be more specific a Linksys WRT610.  It is important that you configure the router that is connected to your internet connection!  It doesn’t do any good to configure a router that is not directly connected to your internet connection!  For example in my Vonage Scenario above, configuring the Vonage routers quality of service instead of my Linksys routers QoS.

First off, you need to log into your routers interface, by default Linksys Routers have an IP address and a default password of admin (no username).  For more information on how to connect to your router you can check a previous post here:

Once you are logged in, you need to go to the Application & Gaming tab and then to the QoS sub-tab (last on on the right).


Next to the Internet Access Priority, click on the Enabled radio button (if it is not already).  Next under the Category drop down select Voice Device.  For Magic Jack, I have a Magic Jack Plus which plugs directly into my router, I used the Ethernet Port category since I could not determine the MAC address of my Magic Jack (I didn’t spend to much time trying to find the MAC address).  If you do have a MAC address for your Magic Jack then use the Voice Device category.  If not then the Ethernet Port category will work just as well.


You can find the MAC address of your Vonage device by looking at the bottom of the Vonage box.  MAC ID: ############.  Unfortunately Magic Jack doesn’t have this.


In the Enter Name box, type in any name you desire, I just used Vonage as the name.  Then type in your MAC address.  The Priority should already be set to high, which you can just leave it at that; and click the Apply button.  And then click the Save Settings button!  Do not forget to click the Save Settings button, if you don’t your QoS settings will not be saved and applied!  (Continue reading below for Magic Jack if you couldn’t find a MAC address).



For Magic Jack Plus, since I didn’t have a MAC address I used the Ethernet Port option.  For this, you simply need to select the Ethernet Port category.  Select which Ethernet Port your Magic Jack is connected to (in my case Ethernet Port 2 on the back of the router) and select a Priority of High.  Then click Apply and Save Settings to apply the QoS settings.