Saturday, February 25, 2012

Internet Explorer Redirecting to Weird Websites?

This annoying problem is usually caused by viruses or spyware on your system.  Even after you have preformed a virus scan and removed a virus the problem can continue and is usually caused by a bad entry(s) in the Windows HOSTS file.

A bad entry can cause problems with your internet browser redirecting to suspicious websites when you click on a link on a legitimate site.  For example you perform a search for something on Google and instead of Google's search results loading you see a different search site or worse yet it takes you to a virus loaded website.  This is especially true for sites that host fake anti-virus programs.  This can happen on any website, including this one.  For example on this site you want to contact us, so you click on the Contact Us link at the top and instead of being taken to a contact page your redirect to an entirely different website.  If you have experienced any of these problems with your browser redirecting to websites than your host file needs to be fixed.

To fix the hosts file you can fix it manually by following the directions here:

Also, you can use Norton’s Power Eraser to fix the hosts file.  You can download and run Norton’s Power Eraser at:  Just to note that it may not detect and fix all entries.

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