Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Remove Findgala or Gala Directory

This annoying redirect happens when you attempt to perform a search.  Gala attempts to look like Google.  For me this only happens when I search from the address bar, using the Bing bar works just fine.  My default search engine is Bing.  I also had performed an anti-virus scan which came back negative; so no virus was causing this problem – though more than likely it happened when I had my last virus on the system.


To remove this annoyance, I recommend you perform a virus scan with your anti-virus software.  I personally recommend using MBAM in this instance:

Next perform a scan with Norton’s Power Eraser:  Remove anything that is found – you should find an issue with your HOSTS file, if not follow the directions here for checking your hosts file:

Next Perform a scan with Kaspersky TDSSKiller:, direct download link:  Remove anything that is found.

The reason for scanning with all these programs is the fact this most likely you did not get on your system without some sort of virus or malicious programs help.  After performing all these scans you will probably notice that findgala still is not fixed.

To remove findgala go to Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 9) and go to Settings (this is little gear (cog) icon on the right side and click on Manage Add-ons.  In IE 7 and 8 click the little drop down next to the search box and click Manage Search Providers.



This will open Manage Add-ons, go to the Search Providers link on the left side.  This will show you all your search engine providers.  In my case I only have 1 – Bing.  This may appear to be correct, you probably will not see any findgala or gala directory search provider; however, if you note the address of Bing’s search, you will see that it actually is findgala.  I am unable to remove Bing because it is the only one, so I am going to replace it with a new instance of Bing.  Just to note here you not allowed to remove your default search provider.


At the bottom of the Manage Add-ons, click the link to Find More Search Providers or you can follow this link directly:  Find your search engine provider on the list and click on it, I have listed a couple of direct links below for common search engine providers.


Click the Add to Internet Explorer button.


You will be prompted with a warning that the search provider already exists, just click replace.  Also change any of the options you desire.


Close everything and reopen your browser.  Your search should now be back to normal.

As a final step do a scan with CCleaner:  Run both the Cleaner and the Registry cleaner.


  1. Findgala was hiding as google on ie8. I did the killer scan and it found nothing.

    I went to manage add ons, selected to add another one, chose google, hit ok, asked to overwrite--"yes" and goodbye findgala.

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