Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Download Pictures from a Digital Camera to a Computer

There are a couple ways to do this depending on the camera and wither you have a card reader. If you have a card reader, I recommend using that rather than plugging the camera into the computer. Also if you have been reading this blog for a while, you can probably guess there is one way I do not recommend doing it. That is using the CD that came with the camera and if you have a card reader you definitely should not need the CD that came with your camera. These directions are essentially the same for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 – with some different steps. If you need some phone editing software, I suggest checking out Windows Live Photo Gallery:

First plug the camera into the computer, of if you have a card reader, put the camera’s card into the card reader. It may take a few moments for the computer to recognize the device or card and show the auto play options. If you do not see the auto play, follow the directions below for accessing the device through My Computer.


On the Auto Play screen select Import Pictures and Videos.


If desired add a tag for the pictures. Also, if you need additional options such as where the pictures are going, click the Import Settings. Click Import when done.


Now that your pictures are imported where are they? Unless you changed the location the pictures will be located in My Pictures, which you can access from the Start Menu by click on Pictures or you can also access it from your personal folder on the desktop. The pictures will be in a folder with the import date plus the tag.


What do you do if you do not see the auto play options? You device will be visible (or should be) in My Computer, which you can access from Start > Computer.


In My Computer you should see a device with your camera’s name.  Just to note if you do not see your device listed here, then there is no way the auto play options are going work either.  Also most cameras need to be turned on order for then to connect to the computer and if it is the first time it may take a few moments for the computer to recognize the camera..  Still do not see your device?  Try rebooting the computer.  There are other troubleshooting options but I am not going to cover them in this post.


Double click on the device, open the Internal Storage – your camera may or may not have this.


You should see a folder named DCIM, open this folder, then you should see another folder usually with the cameras name, open that folder, and you should find your pictures. In my case the pictures are under: Cannon PowerShot SD1000 >> Removable storage >> DCIM >> 102CANON. At this point you can select the pictures and copy and paste them into the location of your choice. Hint: use Ctrl + A to select all the images!


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