Saturday, February 25, 2012

Configuring and Setting up a Router

If you have ever purchased a router, probably the first thing you saw when taking it out of the box is a larger warning that says to Run the CD First! I am going to disagree with that and tell you ignore that warning! The CD may make is slightly easier to set up your router, but at the cost of crapping up your computer with unnecessary software and utilities that take up space and slow your computer down! Instead of using the CD, I recommend using the routers built in web interface, some of which come with wizards just like what is on the CD. Just to note the only time I would recommend using the CD is if you have a router/modem combo unit; the CD will provide you with the necessary setup options for the Modem part of the router. When you are done though, you can and should uninstall the software.

To begin configuring your router, the first thing you are going to need to know is the IP address or the routers name so you can access the configuration. For Linksys routers the IP address is another common IP address is The manual or quick start guide should tell you what the IP address of the router is as well as any additional settings you may need to access the router. Once you have the IP address, type it into the address bar of your web browser (any of them should work – though Internet Explorer is recommended for best capability).


Once you have your IP address entered or the routers name, press Go or Enter and you should receive a Password Prompt. Again you will need to consult your routers documentation for what the username and password should be. Once you have entered them, you should be taken to the routers configuration page. For Linksys Routers the default password is admin, leave the username field blank. Just to note as well some routers will take you to a status page rather than the login page, if this is the case, just look for a login or configuration option.


Once logged in, you should be taken to the configuration page. From here you can make all the necessary changes. For the most part, the only options you are really going to need to change are the Wireless settings and the password for accessing the router. I will cover configuring the router in another post.


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