Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tools Every Dialup User Should Have!

These tools are also good for those who may have slower DSL or Broadband connections as well.  Or if you have a connection that drops frequently.  Oh, and by the way if you have dialup, just because you have a slow connection does not mean you do not need Anti-virus software!

Web Accelerator – A web accelerator accelerates the internet by compressing content.  Text will look the same, but pictures will be poorer quality.  Now, do not expect the claims that some of web accelerators make, such as makes your dialup connection as fast as broadband or cable, to hold up; while the connection will be noticeably faster it still will not make dialup into broadband or cable.  Most dialup providers offer accelerators, which may require you activate the feature or download some additional software.  If your dialup provider does not offer an accelerator or the accelerator is an additional cost then is I would suggest you check out the Opera Web Browser, which has a built in accelerator – Opera Turbo:


Download Manager – A download manager allows you to manage your downloads and most importantly pause and resume downloads!  If for some reason you lose your connection or simply need to disconnect from the internet, you can simply pause the download and then resume the download the next time your are connected to the internet.  One of the programs I like the best is GetRight:

Download Window

Modem on Hold – Modem on hold allows your dialup connection to be temporary disconnected in the event you get a phone call.  Modem on hold functionality requires that your modem support V.92, which any modem newer than 10 years should support.  If your modem does not come with necessary software for Modem on Hold functionality, then I suggest you check out:  Most modem on hold software also provide you with Caller ID if you have the feature for our phone.

Free Dialup Internet Access – for Michigan!  Yep, free dialup:!  Only for Michigan though.

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