Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Remove a Computer Virus?

I have been asked this a few times now already, “Why don’t I do a post on how to remove viruses?”  No, it is not because it is top secret, but more to do with the fact there really is no standard way to remove a virus.  Almost all viruses are different and thus require different removal methods.  There are however a few basics and tips that may help; as well as few tools that can help.

First off some tools (don’t worry they are all free!):

Next are some basic steps for removing a virus.  For virus types you can see a previous post here:

  • Of course you first need to make sure you have a virus and if possible identify the name of the virus.  A good tool for this is Security Task Manager and of course if you can a do a virus scan with your anti-virus program.  You can also check a previous post on this at:
  • Once you know you have virus, the first step will be disabling the virus.  Most viruses will attempt to block all attempts at being removed.  RKill is good for this.  If you can stop the viruses process, then you should be able to regain control of the computer and perform the necessary steps to remove the virus.  If you are unable to kill the virus will Windows is running normally then you may have to use Window’s Safe Mode.
  • The next step is to actually remove the virus, or at least try.  For this you can try some of the tools I listed above.  MBAM is good general all purpose tool to start with.
  • Once the viruses is removed follow the directions here for a full cleaning and restoring if necessary: and

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