Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Boot Windows into Safe Mode

Windows Safe mode is a diagnostic Windows mode that only loads the necessary components to get Windows running.  Safe mode can be used to restore/fix windows if Windows cannot boot normally.  For example a corrupt driver or bad setting or bad program that it is preventing Windows from booting.  Safe mode is also useful if your computer has virus since most viruses will not run in safe mode.

Safe mode is the same for all versions of Windows and accessing it is the same for all versions of Windows as well.  If your computer is not already off,  you will need to shut the computer off first.

Next, start the computer and while the computer is booting up continually press F8 on the keyboard.  If Windows starts booting up then you have missed your chance and will have shutdown and try again.  The screen shot below is of Windows 7’s Advanced Boot Options, XP and Vista differ slightly on the available options.


From the list select Safe Mode and press Enter.  You will need to use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to select items.  If you want or need an internet connection then you need to choose Safe Mode with Networking.  Regular Safe Mode will not load network device drivers!  Once you press enter, Windows will start to load all the necessary drivers and components.


Once down loading, Windows will take you to the Login screen, or if you do not have a password, it will take you straight to the desktop.  Just be aware, because this is safe mode most normal programs will not work.


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