Saturday, January 7, 2012

Allow a Program Through the Windows 7 Firewall

Allowing a program through the firewall in relatively simple in Windows 7.  Frist off, I will note that usually Windows Firewall will popup a warning the first time a program tries to access the network/internet.  In the firewall window that popups, simply check what network types that the Windows Firewall should allow the program through, in most cases you should just select Private networks.  Public network would be like a Wi-Fi hotspot or internet at a hotel, basically any network connection that is not necessarily secure.  Once you have made your selection, just click Allow Access.


If you need to make changes or for some reason you not seeing the Windows Firewall popup, then you will need to manually change the settings in the Control Panel.  First go to Start and then the Control Panel.


Go to System and Security.

Control Panel

Under the Windows Firewall click All a program through Windows Firewall.


In the Window that popups click Change Settings on the top right side.  If you do not click this you will not be able to change any of the firewall settings.


Once you have click Change Settings you will be allowed the change the settings.  The settings are fairly simple, a check in the check box will allow a program through, no check means the program is blocked.  Plus you have a column for Private network and Public Network.  If you do not see your program listed then you can click the Allow another program and browse and select your program.


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