Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moving Files To and From a Flash Drive

There are a number of ways you can move files around, but for flash drives, I find using the Send To feature in most cases to be the easiest.

  1. First plug your flash drive in and wait for Windows to recognize the device.  Once Windows has recognized the flash drive it will appear on the Send To menu.
  2. Next, right click on the file/s or folder/s you wish to send to the flash drive and go to Send To and find the flash drive on the list; usually the brand name in is in the name somewhere, in my case an HP flash drive.  Your file should now be on the flash drive – just make sure you wait for the files/folders to be copied before you unplug the device.
    Moving Files From the Flash Drive
  3. Next to move files off the flash drive, Go to My Computer and open the flash drive or if you just plugged the flash drive, Windows should popup a window with various options for the flash drive, one of which should be opening the device to view files.
  4. Find the file/s or folder/s you wish to move and right click on them, go to Send To and send them to the Documents (or My Documents).  Just to note if you send them to the desktop, this simply creates a shortcut and does not actually move the file.  Again make sure you wait to unplug the device until the files and folders are done being moved.

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