Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to Prevent Your Laptop From Sleeping When You Close the Screen?

I personally find this feature to be very annoying, I leave for a few minutes and shut the laptop screen and the laptop hibernates.  Fortunately this a easy fix.  Please note though that I do not recommend leaving your laptop on for long periods of time with the screen closed!  Heat tends to come up through the keyboard and can cause the screen to be come extremely hot.

Please note that these directions are for Windows 7.

  1. Start by going to Start and then the Control Panel:
  2. Go to Hardware and Sound:
  3. Click Change What the Power Buttons Do, under the Power Options
  4. Change the settings from the dropdown, next to When I close the Lid.  In my case I want the it to Do Nothing.  When you are down click Save Changes.

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