Sunday, September 18, 2011

Internet Safety–Some Additional Tips and Examples

You can find my first set of internet safety tips here:

  • Brower Settings – Make sure you browser is either using default security or high security settings.  In Internet Explorer this is under Tools >> Internet Options >> Security tab and Privacy tab.  The Default and Reset all Zones should be greyed out, if they are not then click on the Reset all zones to reset Internet Explorer to default security levels.
    Under the Privacy tab make sure the default button is greyed out; also make sure that Turn on Pop-up Blocker is checked.
  • Shortened URL’s – While shortened URL’s are great, they have one major drawback, you do not know where they lead.  A malicious person can use this to his/her advantage.

Next I have an example of 2 ads that I happened to come across, I tried finding some even more questionable sites/content but surprisingly its hard to find when you want it!  The first ad is possibly the most tricky in the fact that it is designed to look like a Facebook plugin on a website.  The second ad is attempting to get you to install a plugin in order to play some media – more than likely the missing plugin is a virus or some other type of similar nasty software.  The plugin it is claiming to need by the way is actually a valid plugin for playing video.  Both of these ads where displayed prominently on a page to make them look like they where supposed to be part of the content.

tricky-ad-for-facebook     ad-trying-to-get-you-to-download-plugin

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