Monday, September 19, 2011

Example Junk Email

I do not get much junk email, but I always like it when I get the type of email below – really got to feel sorry for these poor people!  Do NOT ever reply to these types of email.  This sample points out one good way to determine if the email is a fake, and that is all the misspells and grammar errors.

From Mrs Melinda Marquez;
Please i want you to have patience and read my e-mail because i strongly believe you will help me and allso help yourself.I will tell you more about myself as soon as i hear from you.
I need someone who have police exprience for the protection of this $30m in your country because this money is all i have now in my life.
My name is Mrs.MELINDA  MARQUEZ, I am a Filipino citizen and allso a deaf woman,My husband died on 07 May 2007, He was a wealthy heir and businessman at the head of a large holding.
My husband fell seriously ill and was taken to USA for intensive care, but he later died of his illness. So I inherited from my late husband the sum of U.S. $30,000,000.00 USD. (Thirty Million U.S. dollars).
This money have hidden in a metal Briefcase and deposited in a security company in west africa and i am seriously worried about the money because the found was deposited in Abidjan Cote d'ivoire.I am worried because cote d'ivoire having serious political crises but i really thank GOD that the metallic trunk box is save overthere according to the security company director.
This deposit was coded under a secret arrangement that my Briefcase contains only family property. This means that the company itself does not know the exact contents of the box because it was deposited by my husband and declared as containing family property as africa is far from Philippines here and i dont want the money to deposited here because of Philippines goverment.Also, the main reason why I send you this letter is that, having more confidence in my surroundings here in the Philippines , I find myself at an impasse and I would like you to help me quietly to take my Briefcase money to a place much more discreet and stable in your country where I can start investing and treat my cancer.
PLEASE THIS IS WHY I WANT THIS TRANSACTION TO CONCLUDE URGENTLY PLEASE,Please excuse this humble email if it offends your sensibilities, but I have
no other means to contact you. I cannot talk on the telephone, so I did a
search for your email address, which I found on the international business
directorate email data search.My real name is Mrs Melinda Marquez and was born on 3rd july 1972, A Deaf and 39 years old woman, A Christian widow who is dying of oesophageal cancers and i want everything to conclude urgent so that i will come overthere to treat myself.
Recently, My Doctor told me that I would not last for the period of one year more due to cancer problem but i want to be in position of this money so that i can use it as GOD directed me to do.
The family of my late husband is not aware of the existence of the deposit that made by my husband in a security company and they will never know. However, I'm always afraid of my husband's brothers as they continue to spy on me and even listen to my conversations. That is why I decided to find someone to trust outside the Philippines that will help me to withdraw the briefcase from the finance company and discreetly place the money in your account abroad for future investment.
I ask you to consider my situation as that of a widow and come to my aid because today from this case, I have no more money and my financial situation is more difficult (my financial situation is to zero)because my cancer illness.
If my cry touch your mind, I will send you in my next email, the particulars of the security company so that you can contact them for the immediate dispatch of this box for you to secure it.
If you sincerely want to help, we will discuss in advance the percentage that I give you of the total amount.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and I look forward to hearing from you for the conclusion of this case.I will tell you more about myself when i hear from you urgently and may God be with you.
Mrs Melinda Marquez

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