Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anti-Virus Software–When is the Last Time You Preformed a Full System Scan?

Your anti-virus software most likely already performs a regular scan, but these scans are usually quick scans and while they should detect most infections, there is a possibility that a few files or registry settings that can sneak through.  For that reason, I recommend that you manually preform a full system scan at least once a month, of course if you anti-virus software already does then I would still recommend performing a scan every few months.  In my experience Norton Anti-Virus is probably one of the best for doing this, regularly performing quick and full system scans.  Microsoft Security Essentials on the other hand only performs a quick scan unless you change the settings, which I do not necessarily recommend doing.  Also of course if you have a suspicion that there might be something on your system then I definitely recommend you perform an immediate full system scan.  The key here is full system, which basically means the anti-virus software is going to go through all your files checking for viruses.  Quick scan generally just check the running programs, common settings, and common virus locations.

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