Friday, April 29, 2011

Corrupt Fonts–How to Reinstall a Font

Update: I now have a short video for this solution:

First off the reason for this post and second actually how to fix the font problems!  A few months ago, I started having problems with some fonts on my desktop system displaying in bold, especially when viewing web pages.  The strange part was only some fonts displayed in bold and only on some sites.  Since I do not use my desktop a lot the problem was only slightly annoying.  I finally decided the problem is annoying enough to be fixed (ahem attempted to be fixed).

First off I decided to check Windows and Internet Explorer Settings.  Internet Explorer has accessibility settings that allow the user to change fonts for better readability; unfortunately everything looked ok.

Next, I decided to do some internet searches and see if I could find anything.  Outside of a number of people having trouble with pirated software deleting their fonts (interesting?), there was not much to go on.  I did, however, come across one interesting idea in the pirated software problem and that was the missing fonts.  A couple of fonts in particular are Arial, Courier, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Veranda.  By checking with a second computer (that did not have any font problems!), I was able to determine that none of my fonts were missing.

Since the fonts were accounted, I decided to continue searching and came across a forum post with someone that was having a somewhat similar problem with fonts showing up in italics, most of the replies had the same ideas I had tried already, but one reply suggested reinstalling the fonts, even though they are there and show up correctly they still may be corrupt.  With some careful observations of websites that I had problems with, I deduced that the problem font was Arial.  So, taking the suggestion on the website I reinstalled the Arial font.  And, like magic the bold fonts disappeared and webpages displayed properly!

How to Reinstall a Font – In Windows 7

Reinstalling a font is a relatively easy process in process Windows 7 and Vista.  First click Start and in the search box type: “C:\windows\fonts\arial.ttf.”  Of course if a font other than Arial is giving you the trouble, simply type the name of the font in the place of Arial.


This will open the font in the Windows Font Viewer.  To reinstall the font, click Install in the Windows Font Viewer.  This will reinstall the font and should correct any problems you were experiencing with that font.


If reinstalling the font does not work it may be necessary to get the correct font from another computer (that obviously works!) and install it.

Reinstall a Font in Windows XP

To reinstall a font in Windows XP click Start, then Run, and type in Fonts and press Enter on the keyboard.


Next in the Font Window that opens, drag the offending font out of the folder and onto the desktop.  Then drag it back into the font folders, this will reinstall the font.



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