Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Computer? First Step–Decrapify!

So, you just got a new a computer?  Well, if you got it from your local computer store or from an online retailer (Dell, HP, ect.) they most likely loaded it up with programs you will never use or don’t even know what they are!  All these programs will do is take up space and slow the computer (if they start up with the computer).  Most these programs are only demos or 30 day free trials anyway.
The first thing to do is start by uninstalling the items you do not need.  Sorry, deleting the icons off the desktop does not mean the program is uninstalled!  To remove a program in Windows 7 (very similar in Windows Vista and Add or Remove Programs in XP), you need to go to Start >> Control Panel >> Uninstall a Program or the long way Start >> Control Panel >> Programs >> Programs and Features.
Control Panel
The Program List, note the number of Asus programs that came installed on my Asus Laptop:
Control Panel Uninstall Program
This is actually only a small number of the programs that originally came with the laptop, most of the others have already been uninstalled.  Before uninstalling a program, I suggest finding out what the program does, you may just want to keep it.  For example my Laptop comes with a webcam application that comes in handy.  Don’t worry if you uninstall a program accidentally, most manufactures provide a installation CD/DVD with the computer or they can be downloaded online from the manufactures website.

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